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    Training Programme Accreditions :

  • SASSETA  (Security and Firearms).
  • HWSETA ( SHE,Community Health)
  • SERVICESETA (Generic Management) - pending final approval
  • South African Police (Firearm Training)
  • South African Professional Firearm Trainers Council
  • PSIRA registered
  • SAQCC (Fire)
  • NCRS (Firearm Range)
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BEE Aligned Skills programmes:

These short courses and skills programmes consist of unit standard aligned  learning programmes specifically designed for B-BBEE initiatives in the Skills Development, Supplier Development , Enterprise Development and Socio Economic Development elements of your scorecard. Ask us how we can maximise your B-BBEE score in the most cost effective manner.

      Learnerships :

Skills Courses:

These short courses and skills programmes are all from accredited skills programmes and qualifications.We can tailor make skills programmes from on or more unit standards or courses that are on offer.

Ask us how we can assist with skills gap training .

A learnership is a structured learning path towards a full qualification. Learnerships require formal learnership contracts and registration with the relevan SETA.

Apart from the tax rebates available , learnerships have enhanced BEE value. Ask us how we will assist you with your learnership project management.

A member of the Excellerate group of companies.

Enpowering News !!

Upcoming Events and Courses 2016
Every Monday - Firearm Proficiency training - 3-5 days

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We are engaged in the recruitment of Disabled work seekers that we train for various employers and potential employers.

All companies should be concerning themselves with increasing the number of disabled employees in their workforce and training the disabled to promote their employability. .

Why? Firstly,  the achievment of a 2% workforce target for disabled employees is a mandatory Employment Equity (EE) requirement in South Africa.

Secondly any company that pursues B-BBEE targets will need to have a strategy to meet the targets set for the training of disabled employees and non employees. This may contribute up to 8 B-BBEE points.

From a B-BBEE persepective a percentage of payroll needs to be allocated and spent on disabled Black people.

We at Enpower have the experience and the programmes in place to assist with the training of disabled people. Our affiliation with a top B-BBEE consulting company allows us to develop, align and present our various training and mentoring programmes to service the EE and B-BBEE requirements that companies may be facing.

We also have a database of skilled and semi skilled disabled people who are looking for employment.

Need more information? Call us on 031 573 5480  /  573 5418