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Updated   5 Jul;y 2017

Enpower Training Services is a highly specialized Training Centre the purely focuses on addressing the Corporate Sector, Public Sector and the Security Industry.

Enpower Training Service is a multiple service provider and we strive to meet all of our client's expectations and ambitions for the service that we provide to them.


Enpower Training Services provides one of the best facilities within the training industry.
We have over 10 classrooms of the 10 classrooms we are able to accommodate 20 learners per class.

We have the latest technology in each of the classrooms such as computers and projectors in order to do facilitation. White boards are also made available for facilitator to write on throughout their lessons.

Enpower Training Services is compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993.


Enpower Training Services has run a numerous amounts of Learnerships for our in-house clients as well as outside clients. Enpower takes pride in the Learnerships that we provide and ensure that we provide a learnership in-depth, detailed and of which will benefit the learner throughout their working career.

Learnerships that we have conducted for some of our in-house clients as well as out outside clients:

  • Department of International Relations and Cooperation
  • Hollywood Sports Bets
  • Kruger Bets
  • Multi-locking System
  • Enforce Security Systems

For our in house clients as such we have conducted over 243 General Security Practices Learnership within 2016.

Within learnerships that have been conducted for our in house clients for 2016, there has been a 90% pass rate.

Learnerships that have been conducted for our outside client for 2016, there has been a 100% pass rate.

Enpower is very proud of these pass rates and will ensure to maintain the 100% pass rate. As for those pass rates that are not 100% us as Enpower staff and Training Services has identified the learning gaps to ensure that 2017 we have a 100% pass rate across the board.

Learnerships that are conducted by Enpower Training Services that we have to offer:

  • General Security Practices
  • Specialist Security Practices
  • Occupational Health, Safety and Environment
  • Community Health Worker
  • Generic Management
  • Contact Centre Operations

Enpower Training Services takes pride in the learnerships that they conduct and ensure to deliver the best Learnerships.


Enpower Training Services is a 51% Black owned Qualifying Small Enterprise training provider. We are a B-BBBE Level 2  company

Please click below to download our B-BBEE Certificate.

Accreditation and Registration
Where Do We Operate From?

Enpower Training Services Operates throughout South Africa.

Below is the Province where we operate from:
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